The Method


In addition to the joy of playing guitar, parents find their children grow to become confident, capable people with a lifelong love of music. With Dr. Suzuki’s approach, playing by ear comes before reading, just as it does when children learn their native language. 


"Oh! It's not just music lessons."--Kate C., ESGM student parent


"There is a direct link between music training and professional achievement going well beyond math, opening doorways to enhanced creativity, collaboration, ability to listen, facility in working with complexity as well as power to focus on the present and the future at the same time."-- NY Times

"Parents need to know that a musical education not only helps their children indirectly with mathematic increases their self-esteem. The gift of music lasts a lifetime; it is time well-invested."-- K. Kelly, ESGM student parent


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Forest Trees

Adults are lifelong learners who bring their considerable skills and life experience to lessons. Whether refreshing lessons from years past or just beginning, we will make your progress swift and satisfying. Like a tree, music takes time to grow so please plan on taking at least several months of lessons.