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Terms and Conditions


  1. Make-Up Policy - The Student enrolled in this agreement agrees to attend Lessons regularly as scheduled and should this not be possible agrees to contact the Instructor with a minimum of 24-hour notice of said cancellation. In the event the Instructor is unable to teach a regularly scheduled Lesson she agrees to re-book the Lesson asap at the early convenience of the Student. 

  2. ADULTS are welcome to schedule lessons as they go, provided lessons are scheduled and taken within the 3-month expiration from the date of the first lesson taken in a purchased package.

  3. Expiration Date of Lessons -  All Private Lessons including any Make-up (rescheduled) Lessons must be taken within the Term for which the Student is enrolled, and will expire at the end of the Term. Credit is not given for unused Lessons and will not be applied to the tuition for another Term.

  4. Participation - It is understood that this Agreement is good only for the period of time stated, agreed to, and paid for.  NO HOLDS, FREEZES or additional time provisions are allowed with this membership. Subsequent enrollment will be treated as an addendum to this original agreement, and provisions may change. Failure to attend classes does not qualify the member for any discounts, refunds or time extensions.Damage to Facilities – I agree to pay for any damage I may cause to the facilities through careless or negligent use or misuse thereof.

  5. Hours of Operation –Operation schedules may vary and are subject to change from time to time.  The studio may be closed on Weekends, Holidays or up to 1 week at a time for staff personal reasons.  Lessons and Group Classes that are missed during these closures may be made up by scheduling make-up time with the instructor. Hours will be posted on the Website, and periodically updated.

  6. Unavailability of Facility or Services – I agree to accept the fact that a particular facility or service in the premises may be unavailable at any particular time due to mechanical breakdown, fire, Act of God, condemnation, Loss of lease, catastrophe, or any other reason.  Further, I agree not to hold The Ewald Suzuki Guitar Method responsible for such occurrences.

  7. Release of Liability - I, the undersigned release Annalisa Ewald, The Ewald Suzuki Guitar Method, LLC , and all persons associated, from any liability due to injuries, damage to my property, etc., that I may incur as a result of my attendance and /or participation in Lessons and Group Classes.. Furthermore, I hereby give permission and waive any compensation whatsoever for the use of pictures, movies, media coverage etc. utilized by those associated with this studio, at any time.

  8. Amending the Rules – I understand that The Ewald Suzuki Guitar Method reserves the right to amend or add to the conditions as it may deem necessary for the proper management of the Business.

  9. Damages,  Collection, and Legal fees  I understand that I am responsible for reimbursing The Ewald Suzuki Guitar Method, LLC for any fees required to settle this account.

  10. Legally Binding Agreement -  I understand that this enrollment is legally binding in its terms and conditions, whether my use of the facility and its services is determined and paid for on a monthly, yearly, or Session visit basis.  This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and may be changed or added to only by a written amendment signed by both parties.  Buyer acknowledges receipt of a fully completed copy of this agreement, executed by both seller and buyer, and buyer acknowledges terms of this agreement.

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